Blast off DEET FREE Natural Bug Spray

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Blast Off is a DEET-Free, natural bug repellent that REALLY WORKS.  Blast Off stands up to the competition in a superior way.  It works on the whole family and smells great but most of all bugs hate it. It’s perfect for golfing, fishing, hiking, outdoor playdates, sitting outside, ball games, barbeque dinners at twilight, and anywhere else you’d get eaten alive by bugs. 

Plant based Essential Oils are very powerful and effective insect repellents but have been known to evaporate quickly. Blast Off is the only repellent that has combined essential oils with Coconut Oil fatty acids which evaporate very slowly therefor adding and greatly increasing the repellent longevity coverage of these strong essential oils repellent molecules. The result is a truly effective, long lasting safe, non-greasy repellent that provides “guaranteed all day protection”.