Eurotackle Live Spoon 2.25" 3/8oz Collection

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The Eurotackle Live Spoon is an hybrid jigging and casting spoon like no other on the market. The Live Spoon is designed with an internal weighting system with a rattle chamber great for jigging and open water casting. It truly is the ultimate mix between flutter spoon and rattle spoon. The weight system is enclosed with a custom painted ABS plastic. This makes the spoon paint harder to come off and gives the bait a very unique action. A spoon with such a special design can be fished in different ways. Either jigging this spoon with it's fluttering action while ice fishing from perch, crappie, trout and more to a casting spoon with a S-Swimming action for open water bass. The Live Spoon would be an ideal bait for area trout fishing which is well known in Europe. Additionally the internal weight system does not allow the custom treble hook to get caught up on the line.

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