Northland Fire-Fly Feather Jig Collection

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Northland Fire-Fly Jig is a serial panfish killer, productive for crappies, sunfish, perch and trout. Fish solo or add a small minnow, leech, worm, grub or waxworm for added scent, flavor and bulk. Cast, jig, drift or slow-troll. Maximize the Fire-Fly Jig’s slow-sinking, fluttering action with twitches, pauses, lifts and falls. Suspend under small float or casting bubble to control depth.

Sold 2 in a pack, 1/32 oz

Features a blood red “Lip-Stick®” hook hand-tied with genuine hackled tail feathers. Has natural slow-sinking action panfish can’t resist. It tickles, teases and torments’em.

GET fishing has one colour out of the gate do to supply chain hold ups, we will update the website as we get new inventory. 

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