SparkBox PRO Mobile Power

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Hi-Vis Orange!

The SparkBox PRO mobile power center comes equipped with:

- Digital voltage display
- Dual USB QuickCharge 3.0 plugs.
- 12v car accessory socket.
- Two 3/4" LED'S configured like a flashlight.
- 12v DC twist down leads used to power all your 12v accessories like fish finders or fans, also acts as an external charging location.
- All circuits individually fused with inline waterproof ATM blade fuses. (3 fuses total)
- All electrical connections heat-shrinked for maximum moisture resistance.
- Insulated and secure battery - will not be damaged if turned upside down and shaken.

- 1 year warranty.

- All SparkBox PRO models come equipped with a Scotty low profile track and Gearhead mount to attach all Scotty accessories! As well as a Transducer wire cleat - for keeping your Transducer wires neat and safe.